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Tembo the badass elephant

Tembo The Badass Elephant is an action platform game for Steam, PlayStation 4, and XBox One that I created and Directed.

My Roles

  • Director
  • Art Director
  • Concept Artist
  • Storyboard Artist

I wanted to create an homage to some of my favourite old school side scrolling games like Yoshi's IslandWario Land, and Metal Slug, and I wanted the game to feature a heavy, powerful hero to allow for destructive gameplay. The idea of an elephant commando seemed funny to me, and so the game concept was born.



“Part of what makes Tembo so great is the slick, precise controls...The sheer act of moving Tembo around--rolling and bouncing around the ground into a slide and then immediately following up with an upwards trunk-hammer bash--is a delight.”
GameSpot - 8/10 - ‘Great’

“The brilliance of Tembo lies in how it facilitates two separate types of gameplay perfectly...It opens itself to a wider and more discerning audience by way of smart level design and a wonderfully quirky visual style.”
Polygon - 8/10

“Tembo the Badass Elephant is a really enjoyable game...Game Freak keeps things exciting with hazards, well-placed enemies, and lots of explosions, which will keep you on your toes constantly.”
Destructoid - 8/10 - ‘Great’

“The best platformer that Sega has released in years.”


Design document

Below is the design document I created to pitch the game idea. I think it's always good to get across your idea for a game in a visual way, so I created a kind of comic book to show how I imagined the gameplay would be.
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Promotional Artwork

PlayStation 4 Skin

PlayStation 4 Skin

Character Design

cutscene art

The cutscenes of the game are all visualised in the form of an animated comic book.