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Pokémon Trozei


Pokémon Trozei is puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, published by Nintendo.


  • Art Director
  • Icon Design
  • Concept Art

Pokémon Icons

For Pokémon Trozei I came up with the idea of rounded Pokémon icons that I thought would be cute and easily identifiable.
I drew each and every Pokémon in icon form; rough outlines at first, colouring and polishing later.
For a while there my whole world was
Pokémon icons.

Pokemon Icon rough designs

Pokemon Icon rough designs

Once approved by the Pokémon image checkers, the icons were turned into pixel art and put into the game as game pieces.

As well as being used in the original Pokémon Trozei game, the icons were also used in Pokémon Battle Trozei, and the recent Pokémon Shuffle for Android and iOS.

The icons have also been used in a wide variety of goods.

Cover Artwork

I designed the logo and cover artwork for the game, using many of the icons for a fun kind of feeling.


Concept Art

I created the world that the game takes place in as well as the characters and vehicles that appear in the story.