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Promotional Artwork

HarmoKnight is a Rhythm Action game for the Nintendo 3DS, published by Nintendo, that I created and Directed.


  • Director
  • Art Director
  • Concept Artist
  • Animator
  • Storyboard Artist

I wanted to create a game that was simple to pick up but difficult to master, all taking place in a fun and colourful musical world.


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Praise For HarmoKnight

"The linchpin of entire package is the remarkable presentation...there are the environments that pop with rich colors and soft edges, so vibrant they are that no matter how many times you replay stage, it'll look just as lovely as it did on the first visit."
Destructoid - 9/10 - Superb

"From start to finish, the experience is so enjoyable that it's easily recommendable to any 3DS owner with an affinity for rhythm games. If only Game Freak would step out of their Pokémon shell more often, because the result of the developer's experimentation is awesome."
IGN - 8.5/10 - Great

"HarmoKnight is among the best the 3DS eShop has to offer. With its diverse levels, rhythm-focused gameplay, great music, and charming characters, HarmoKnight will be a memorable experience for those lucky enough to discover it."
Game Informer - 8/10


Promotional Artwork

Game Freak New Year's Card

Game Freak New Year's Card

Logo Design

character design

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The Good Guys

The Bad Guys

Boss Design

animation & camera work

I animated all the comic book style cutscenes of the game, as well as the camera and broad character motion for the Boss Battles

Design document

A few pages from the document created to pitch the project.
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stage design

World Map Design